Paratext 7.5 Course and Handbook

Course Overview

  • The Paratext Handbook series is designed to teach how to use Paratext, starting with the most introductory (for example: opening Paratext, opening a Project/Resource) and going deeper with topics (for example: Interlinearizer, Send/Receive, and Biblical Terms).

Paratext Course Handbooks

Currently the Handbook is divided into 3 "Courses".

The Handbook is the textbook for the Course, so going through each Handbook is essentially like taking each Course.

See below for Course descriptions/Handbook content.  These pages have the latest version of each Handbook, but still contain some "rough" spots.  If you find typos or something that is unclear, please contact me so that I can update/revise the Handbook.

YOU Can Learn/Teach a Paratext Course!

You can also teach a Paratext Course to National Translators with VERY little preparation: just use the Handbook as your lesson plan.

The Courses/Handbook are designed to be self explanatory, so you should need very little knowledge of Paratext to go through them and learn for yourself.

Important Note: You will need to understand how to setup Send/Receive correctly in order to teach each of the courses.  It is very important that you contact me for help with this.


Paratext Courses

Paratext 1 Course

  • The Paratext 7.5 Course 1 provides Introductory training in how to use the Paratext software for Bible translation. The course is designed for national translators with little or no experience with Paratext.

Paratext 2 Course

  • The Paratext 7.5 Course 2 provides further training in how to use the Paratext software for Bible translation.

  •  It teaches intermediate and advanced features including Back Translation Tracking and also builds on what students learned in Paratext 1 about Project Notes, Markers, and Arranging Windows.

Paratext 3 Course

  • The Paratext 7.5 Course 3 provides additional training in how to use the Paratext software for Bible translation. This course covers using Paratext for Key Terms, and how to use the Interlinearizer for Adapting and Glossing translation text.

Practice Projects for Paratext Courses

  • The Practice Projects are a very important part of the Paratext Courses.

  • Almost all of the practice during each course is done in a Practice Project.

Course Instructor Computer Setup

  • As an instructor, it is important to have your computer setup so that is easy to see from a distance when projected in the classroom.
  • If you are going to teach a Paratext Course, I recommend following the steps described here to setup your computer for teaching.


Course Goals

Here are my goals for the Handbook and Paratext Courses:

  • Clearly laid out step-by-step instructions for each task, including relevant screenshots.
  • Simple English that is accessible for National Translators with a relatively low level of education.
  • Do-it-yourself concept: You can teach yourself Paratext using these Handbooks.

Please contact me if these goals are not being reached.


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