Paratext 9 – Stage 4

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Stage 4: Consultant Visit

Note: This stage is not included in the UBS plan.

The fourth stage of a translation project is the consultant visit. You will meet with the consultant and evaluate your text, make notes and revise your texts and back translations as needed. You will want to ensure that you have updated the status of your translation in the project plan.

Most of the tasks in this stage have been covered in previous modules.

The following modules will help you in this stage:

20: Collaboration tools

In this module you will use Paratext Live as a way that the team can collaborate together so that everyone can see the changes to the text on their own computers.

Where we are
We have already seen how to collaborate with Send/Receive. There are times, for example during a consultant check, when several people need to look at the same text, and perhaps edit it together. Paratext Live allows everyone to look at the text on their own computer and see the changes being made in real time.

Why this is important
There are several other ways to let everyone look at the same text. But Paratext Live not only lets everyone see the text, but it also allows more than one person to edit the text.

What are you going to do?

  • Connect all users to the same network.
  • Send/receive.
  • Start Paratext Live and join a session
  • Edit the document
  • Exchange all files
  • Exit Paratext Live
  • Send/receive

See the video 4.1 Collaboration Tools.


20.1: Paratext Live

Before you can start Paratext Live, all users must do a send/receive and everyone must be connected to the same network.

20.1.1: Send/receive

Before you start Paratext Live all participants should Send/Receive the project. Paratext will tell you that you need to Send/Receive.

20.1.2: Connect to the same network

Paratext Live can use

  • Internet
  • a local network
  • offline WiFi router
  • hotspot with mobile data disabled.

20.1.3: Start Paratext Live

  • Open the menu for the project.
  • Under Tools, click Paratext Live.
  • Or use the icon on the toolbar.
  • Click Start/Join Live session. If Autosave in Paratext Settings is not on, the Live session will turn it on for the duration of the session.
  • Paratext then asks if you are the primary editor:
    • If you are not the primary editor, wait, don’t press cancel as that will cancel your joining the live session.
    • If you are the primary editor, click Start as Primary Editor.
      With a session active, the Paratext Live button is green

20.1.4: Sharing changes from Tools

All scripture text is shared when you do a send/receive. However, changes made with various tools are not shared automatically. Examples of these unshared changes are to spelling status, Parallel passage status, Biblical Terms and their identified renderings, and Notes. To share these changes:

  • Click the Paratext Live button on the toolbar,
  • Click “Exchange all files
    All of the users in the Paratext Live session then receive updates to these files.

Changes from all users are shared, but if two people have changed the exact same item differently, only one person’s change will be saved.

20.1.5: End the Paratext Live session

Note: If one participant has upgraded to Paratext 9.2, everyone participating needs to upgrade as Paratext Live files are slightly different in version 9.2.

For more help, search for 'live' in the search box on the title bar. There are lots of useful helpful topics to help you use Paratext Live

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