Creating labelled diagrams and maps

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There are two primary programs for creating labeled diagrams and maps for scripture publications:

Adobe Illustrator

Unlike Map Creator, this is capable of producing color maps and diagrams that can be printed on CMYK presses, because the black text also has the background color behind it. (If the plates are not exactly aligned, there will not be white page behind the text.) This is typically used only by bona-fide typesetters, not by translation teams.

Map Creator

This program is provided (currently freely) by Ethnos360, developed specifically to handle adding labels to maps and diagrams in any writing system. Translation teams can typically handle this program on their own. This is great for producing black and white images, or color images that do not need to be printed on CMYK presses.



Where to Find Diagrams and Maps

Map Creator

  • This program comes with an assortment of Bible maps and diagrams.
  • You can also import any picture to use as the background of a new map/diagram. (Of course, you must ensure you have permission from the image owner for the way you intend to use it.)

The SIL Maps and Diagrams Repository

Access to the full SIL Maps and Diagrams Repository is limited only to bona-fide typesetters, due to licensing agreements. (If you are a typesetter, contact [email protected] for access details.) However, some resources are available directly to translation teams. You can import bare images here into Map Creator, and add arrows and labels. If you do so, we would appreciate contributions of .mapx files with English labels for distribution in these folders:

Samples of the full map repository can be found here. While the master copies are generally only available to your typesetter, this lets you see what's available to them.

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