Scripture App Builder Day 1C

Session 4: Scripture App Builder

Review Session 2-3 for training components


  • Participants will build a storybook app with pictures using Word.
  • Participants will repurpose VMS Bible Story Video Template materials for storybook apps. Parable of the Lost Son. Put BSVT materials on flash drive.
  • Participants will be able to resize graphics for storybook apps.
  • Participants will create content menus for either a hymnbook, storybook or Scripture texts.



  • Show HSBC ‘eels’ video
  • Show “An Angel Visits Zechariah” video (from BSVT NT)
  • Look at Hymnbook and ask about how they could fix the issue with finding the right hymn in a book of 50 hymns.



  • Create a Word document of the text from “An Angel Visits Zechariah”
  • Open Word or LibreOffice
  • Participants need to know how to: 1. Insert picture, 2. Copy/Paste text, 3. Insert Page break,
  • Demonstrate how to crop/resize pictures in Word
  • Build app
  • Demonstrate Content Menus using Margi as an example



  • Work in pairs: Build an app of “Parable of the Lost Son”, “Wedding at Cana”, and “An Angel visits Zechariah” with a Content Menu.


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