MLE4000 Wordlist in WeSay

MLE4000 Word List for WeSay

In language development work, it is useful to have a word list to work with. One way to create a word list using the African Comparative Word list which would give about 1700 words.  Another way to create a word list is to use the Rapid Word Collection which would give at least 10,000 words.  The MLE 400 Word list would give you at least 4000 words.  It takes about a week to complete.  This word list has been used to assist in the creation of primers and MLE materials.

The MLE 4000 word list is a word list that contains over 5000 entries.  Each entry has a part of speech, English gloss, French gloss, and at least one semantic domain entry.  From these entries you should be able to create a word list of at least 4000 words.

The MLE word list is stored as a LIFT file. To download the LIFT file of the MLE 4000 word list, click here

To create a WeSay project using the MLE 4000 word list, do the following

  1. Start WeSay Configuration Tool
  2. Under Create, click Create new project from a set of plain LIFT files.
  3. In the Where is the LIFT file? text box, click the Locate button and navigate and select MLE4000Master-LIFT.lift.
      In the What would you like to call this project, enter your language name.
     Click OK.
  4. In the WeSay Configuration Tool dialog box, in the Tasks tab, click Dictionary Browse  & Edit.
  5. In the Input System tab, in the Language Not Listed section, click Change to Listed language.  Select the desired language.      Change the Abbreviation textbox from qaa to the deisred language code in the Identifiers tab. Make any other changes required (e.g. adding a keyboard).
  6.  In the Fields tab, click select Word, Gloss, Parts of Speech, SILCAWL, Sem Dom.
  7. Click Open in WeSay.
  8. Click Dictionary Browse & Edit.
  9. In the Word textbox, enter the word(s) in the desired language that match the English or French glosses.  Go to the next entry.
  10. Repeat step 7 until done.


The words are added to the end of the list in alphabetical order.  So you will not see them until you go to the end of list.

If you do not have a word for the glosses specified in a particular entry, you may skip or delete the entry.

After you have completed the list, feel free to add other entries to supplement the list.


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