Exercise 4 - the old way

Valid for Paratext 7.4, not for 7.5! 
When these pages were written, Paratext 7.4 was the latest version. In Paratext 7.5, the Notes report described here was removed, as it seemed a duplicate of what you can do in the Notes list window. But if you have 7.4, here is the original text.

 During this week we will be learning how a consultant should write up the report. In the first part of the report, there is general information and in the second part there are the specific remarks.

This exercise consists of transferring the notes that were taken in Paratext into a word document or e-mail.

Open a word document, write the title “Consultant Checking of Matthew for King James Latin Project”. Save the file without closing it, then return to Paratext.

Activate the King James Latin text, then click on Tools, then on Notes Report…. A window will open that allows you to create a Notes report. For the line created after, put yesterday's date. Next click on Create


The report will appear similar to this:


Put the cursor in the report and press Ctrl+A to select all. PressCtrl+C to copy it to the clipboard. Now go back to the word file and insert the report Ctrl+V. Voila! All of your note flags have been transformed into a printable report.

Now save the file.


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