Segment sound file for annotation

The Start Annotating tab lists optional ways you can use to create, copy or read an annotation file for an audio file. Media Annotation overview describes needed files.

  1. Use Manual Segmentation Tool.
    1. The Spacebar plays and stops the file.
    2. The enter key adds a segment boundary.
    3. Click and drag to move a boundary
    4. Click on a boundary and then press the delete key to delete it.
    5. Click on “Ignore” to Ignore a segment during annotation.
  2. Use Careful Speech Tool.
    1. Press Spacebar to play.
    2. Release at a boundary.
    3. Press Spacebar again to Record the careful speech.
  3. Copy existing ELAN file
  4. Read an Audacity Label file
  5. Use auto segmenter.  (It guesses)

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