Keyboards for Malayalam Script

Keyman: Malayalam Winscript (NLCI)

This Keyboard mimics the Malayalam WinScript Keyboard Layout designed by NLCI in 1988. Several linguists and members of translation community are still using this keyboard layout for keyboarding the text. This is a phonetic based keyboarding system designed with the objective of keyboarding text with minimal keystrokes. Keys are also layed out according the frequency of occurance, yet mostly follow a phonetic-based keyboarding system.

Download here.

What some users like:

  • Cross-platform
  • Familiar keyboard for many old translators
  • Mostly phonetic and intuitive
  • More efficient than pure phonetic keyboards
  • Good support for members of the translation community

What some users don't like:

  • Some keymaps are not very intuitive
  • It takes time to learn the keyboard layout
  • Not all Unicode characters are supported
Needed information:

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  • Does this produce the atomic chillu characters?
    • Yes, it does support atomic chillu
      • Chillu Character Keystrokes
        ൿ kxx


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