Installing Pt8 Resources

Installing Resources


In this module you will learn how to install resources.

Where are we?

You have already installed Paratext 8 and registered a user.

Why is this important?

In Paratext 8, the resources are downloaded from the DBL (Digital Bible Library). Each user can download them directly, but if your Internet connection is limited, you can share the downloaded files with other users.

What are we going to do?

 Download resources from the Internet
 Install resources from a file.


This module show how to:

Installer resources – Internet (DBL)

 From the File menu, choose Download/Install resources.
A dialogue box is displayed
 Make sure Internet has been chosen.
 Click the check boxes to the left of the desired resources.
 Click Download/Install

Installer resources – files

 From the File menu, choose Download/Install resources. A dialogue box is displayed
 Click Folder
 Click Browse.
 Go to the folder which contains the downloaded resource files.
 Select the desired resources.
 Click Download/Install

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