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Creating a new project


In this module you will create and register a new project.

Where we are

You have already installed Paratext and registered a user.

Why this is important

A new aspect in Paratext 8 is that projects need to be registered as well as users. This may feel like an extra complication, but it does offer benefits to users. As we saw in the user registration section, the project administrator can create registrations for users they want to be part of their project.

What are you going to do?

We will create and register a new project.


This module shows you how to:

Create a new project

 File > New Project
The New project dialog is displayed.

Name for the project

 Click the Edit button. The “edit name” dialog is displayed
 In the name section, give the project a name and a matching short name. Once you create a project name, the short name cannot be changed, because this is the name Paratext will give to the folder containing the project files, and also the name given to the project on the Internet server.

Specify language

 If you have another Paratext project in the same language, you can just pick the language from the list in Paratext 2. If not, you will need to create a new language.
 Click on New
The Choose language identifier box is displayed.
 Click in the Search box
 Start typing the name of your language
Paratext will display matching names.
 Click on your language in the list.
Paratext will add the language name.
 Click OK.
You can also specify additional information if needed in the “advanced” section of the language settings dialog.

Type of project

 Click the drop-down list beside “Type of Project”
 Choose the appropriate type for your project.
If it is a back translation, or a daughter or transliteration project, you will need to define the source.

Register the new project

 Make sure you have given the project a name and chosen the project type.
 Click Register online to go to the registration page
 Fill in the information (see above)
 Click Register to submit. Paratext should detect that the project is now registered,
 Click OK to create the new project.

Editing your registration

As you work in your project, you can change your registration information later on.
 From Paratext, make sure you are connected to the Internet,
 Project > Project Properties and settings
 Click the “Manage registration” link.
This will bring up the project registration info and you can edit it. Any project administrator can edit the registration info.

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