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Promote a Good Working Method for Biblical Key Terms

Introduction (4 min)  

Where are we?

How do we help teams to keep one eye on their key terms while they are translating? 

Why is this Important?

The Biblical Terms Renderings Window (on the File menu, as opposed to the Tool on the Tool menu) contains just the terms that apply to the current verse. If the translators keep the window open, it will be there to constantly remind them of key terms during translation. As a consultant, you also can be displaying them during the checking session to assure that they have been dealt with properly. 

What are we going to do?

We are going to learn how to use the Biblical Terms Renderings Window during exegesis and checking. If Paratext is being taught to the teams by computer support personnel, it is unlikely that they will be made to understand the importance of the key terms tool. That means the job falls to you as consultants to help mentor them in a good working method to manage key terms. With the Biblical Terms Renderings Window (File menu) placed next to or below the translation text window, the translator will always be reminded of the terms that they used in other contexts without having to go and search always. They will make less mistakes in the text, and when the translation for the current verse is different, they can add an additional rendering and be more aware of the nuances. In addition, they will have a record of the different choices that were made over the course of the project, since Paratext remembers the previous terms that were tried. 

''For this exercise, the administrator needs to change the role of everyone to translators, so they can make changes to the Biblical terms renderings.

Prelude: Administrator changes role from consultant to translator

Exercise 1: Biblical Terms Renderings

Exercise 2: Changing a Rendering

Exercise 3: Adding several Biblical Terms Renderings

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