Reading Multiple Versions

When you look at a particular passage from the Bible, it is helpful to be able to view the verse in more than one Bible version. For example, open “Dios Habla Hoy” to Matthew 27:4. Then, use the Library icon, Library Icon.png  , to open the resource, “La Biblia de las Américas”.

Positioning Multiple Resources

To position the two resources side-by-side, select Layouts at the right of the toolbar, as shown here:

ReadMultVersions Layouts

Note the patterns, ReadMultVersions LayoutPatterns  , at the upper-left corner of the Layouts window. Click on the “2 Tiles” pattern, ReadMultVersions 2TilesLayout  . Logos now displays the two resources side-by-side, as shown here:

ReadMultVersions SideBySideResources

Synchronizing Multiple Resources

The two resources can now be synchronized so that they scroll together. To set this up, click on the small triangle to the lower-right side of the book icon for “Dios, Habla Hoy”,   ReadMultVersions BookIcon . The following sub window opens up:

ReadMultVersions DropDownBox

Select Link set A. Note that there is now a letter “A” in a small orange box to the lower left corner of the book icon,   ReadMultVersions LinkSetA Orange .

This now identifies “Dios Habla Hoy” as being in Link set A. In the same way, put “La Biblia de las Américas” in Link set A. With both resources in the same Link set, you can scroll either of the two resources, and the other resource scrolls to the same reference. For example, scroll “La Biblia de las Américas” to Luke 19:40, and “Dios Habla Hoy” will scroll to the same reference. If you want, you can set even other resources to Link set A, and they all will scroll together.

Using Up and Down Arrows

Another way to move both resources together is by using the up and down arrows in the locator bar next to “Article”,   NavigateRes ArticleNavigation . Pressing the up arrow moves to the previous article in the given resource. Pressing the down arrow moves to the next article. The other resources in Link set A will likewise move to the same location.

ReadMultVersions BookChapterVerse

The triangle to the right of Article lets you also choose Book, Chapter, or Verse. Then, rather than moving the given resource to the previous or next article, you can move to the previous or next Book, Chapter, or Verse.

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