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The Lexicon Edit view is the most fundamental view.   The left side is a tabular browse pane with lexical entries in rows. The right side is the edit pane with one entry at a time. Selecting an entry in the browse pane moves you to that entry in the edit pane.

Start FLEx and open Simple project.  In the Lexicon area, click Lexicon Edit.

How to add an entry?

Have the participants add bit - mouthpiece - noun.

Have the participants add heatmake hotverb.

Have the participants add queen - female ruler - noun.

Have the participants add strain - sieve - verb.

How to find an entry?

Have the participants find bark, bring, and head.

How to add a second sense to an entry?

Have the participants find bright and add a second sense smart - adjectivel.

Have the participants find bit and add a second sense tool part - noun.

How to add homographs?

Homographs (totally unrelated meanings) require separate entries, even though they have the same spelling: Fox example, bank that is an establishment for the custody, loan, exchange, or issue of money and bank that is the rising ground bordering a lake, river, or sea or forming the edge of a cut or hollow.


Have the participants add a new entry bank as a homograph meaning river edge.

Have the participants add a new entry bark as a homograph meaning dogtalk.

How to delete an entry?

Have the participants delete the queen entry.

Field Context menu

In the edit pane, the section headings and fields have context menus associated with them.  Click on the section heading, a blue downward arrow appears. Click on the blue downward arrow, the context sensitive menu appears.  You may also right-click the field label to display the context sensitive menu..

How to merge entries?

Have the participants merge cross 1 and 2 entries.

How to merge senses?

Have the participants merge the senses in the entry bring.

How to move senses into a new entry?

Have the participants make a new entry for one of the senses of bright.

How to move a sense to another entry?

Move sense of the entry to a new entry and then merge the new entry into the other entry.

Have the participants move sense 2 of sound 2 into sound 1

How to add affixes?

An affix is a morpheme (a part of a word) that cannot stand alone and must be attached to a root.  Prefixes occur before the root, suffixes after the root, infixes in the middle of the root. Inflectional affixes often indicate how the word functions in the grammar.  Derivational affixes usually change the grammatical category (part of speech) of the root or change the meaning in some important way.

Have the participants add affix -er. (V->N)

Have the participants add affix –s (plural and 3rd person singular)

How to add variants?

A variant is an alternate form of a lexeme. 

Irregular inflections e.g. ‘broke’ go into the lexicon too.  In FLEx it has its own entry, link to ‘break’.

Have the participants add go and went as entries with went as irregularly Inflected form.

Have the participants add color and colour as a spelling variant form for color

How to add complex forms?

Have the participants add heater (device that gives heat) as derivative form.

Have the participants add blackboard as a compound form.

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