Before you build an app

A majority of the work for creating an app comes before the build. Here are a few things that need to be done first. 

1. Install necessary programs.

In order to run the app builder, you must dowload the program along with the Java Development Kit and Android Software Development Kit. See RAB Installation Instructions for more information. 

2. Prepare your material

Before you build an app, it is necessary to already have the content of the book(s) ready. See RAB Building Apps for more information. Complete this checklist before you build. 

  • Prepare Text
  • Prepare Audio
  • Prepare Images
  • Know your copyright information.

You may not have text, audio, and images in every book. That is alright. Each one is optional. However, you must have at least one (otherwise you aren't making anything). It is possible to have an audio only book without text.


Prepare Text

Text for Reading App builder can come through any of the following ways, but is easiest through Bloom books, and most popular through word documents. 

  • Bloom
  • Word documents
  • SFM files
  • HTML files
  • EPUB documents

Prepare Audio

Audio files must be either MP3 or 3GP audio format. For picture story book, have only one audio file per book. For chapter books, you would normally have one audio file per page or chapter. 

For Audio Synchronization, you can use Audacity or Aenaes to mark the audio files. 

Prepare Images

Images can be JPEG or PNG. If there are  pictures in your Word or Bloom book, they will be inserted automatically.

It is important to keep the images as small as possible to keep the size of the app small, while keeping the image large enough to not lose quality on smart phones or tablets. Images can be reduced through programs like Paint or by using the compression tool in Word. There is also a compression tool inside Reading App Builder. (Once inside the book, under the Illustrations tab, check  "Use app-level settings for image resizing")

Know Copyright information

For whatever content your books have, you will need to include their copyright information. Text, images, and audio can all have different copyright information. If you are working for a company or an organization, you should talk to your publishing department for instructions. 

You can also specify if Creative Commons licenses your work. 

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