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To adjust the view within a pane, go the View tab. When a translation project is open in Paratext, the default view shows one chapter at a time.

  • When unchecking By Chapter, the project displays all chapters in the book. Note that large books may slow Paratext performance, however.
  • Hovering over the Zoom tab gives the option to adjust the text size of the selected pane. The shortcut for this option is to press Ctrl + to enlarge the font and Ctrl – to diminish it. Ctrl 0 returns the text to the original or Actual Size.
  • The Full Screen option, or F11, simply toggles the entire Paratext program between full and partial view.
  • Clicking on Switch Scripture View, or pressing Ctrl E, switches the selected Scripture pane text between 5 views which are listed below the option: Preview, Basic, Formatted, Unformatted, and Standard.
    • The Preview view shows an uneditable display.
    • The Basic view allows partial editing (entering text only in the white boxes).
    • The Formatted view is similar to Preview but allows editing.
    • The Unformatted view is also editable, but the verses, footnotes, cross references, etc., are displayed in a line-by-line format.
    • The Standard view differs from the Unformatted view in that verses are shown in paragraph format.

Only the Standard and Unformatted views show editable USFMs (Unified Standard Format Markers), (see page 2 for more on this).

  • Show Footnotes splits the pane to displays footnotes. Press F7 to show or hide this.
  • After hovering over Show Consultant Notes, checking the GNC-Global Consultant Notes displays all available note hyperlinks to each verse. Selecting a hyperlink opens the notes in a new pane.
  • Checking Highlight Biblical Term Renderings highlights whatever Paratexts guesses and approves as such.
  • Checking Highlight Invalid Characters highlights any unknown or invalid items.

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