LTCT2012 Wednesday Jan 18

Wednesday January 18

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Session 1: Paratext 7

See Monday January 16 sessions 1-2 for details.

Session 2: Paratext 7

Project Sharing in Paratext 7

Present Paratext Project Sharing Powerpoint

Demo project sharing using Paratext 7.2

Session 3: Consulting Process

See Monday January 16 session 3 for details.

Session 4-5: Keyboards

Purpose (Why):

To teach participants how to modify or create custom keyboards for language teams.

Learning Objectives (What):

A basic understanding of the decisions involved in creating keyboards. An introduction into modifying a Keyman keyboard.

Learning Tasks (How):


Open the IPA keyboard document and show the complex rules but inadequate rules, thus demostrating the need for a custom keyboard for serious language work.


Install Keyman Developer.

Present Keyboard Decisions Powerpoint.

Open Keyman Developer.

Show the Tutorial and other resources in the help files.

Open various sample keyboards and talk about the strategies used.

Modify, compile and install a keyboard.

Discuss issues: composed or decomposed characters, deadkeys

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