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Create a new Project in WeSay

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1.         Start WeSay Configurstion Tool

The WeSay Configuration Tool dialog box appears

2.         To create a new project, select Create New Blank Project.

3.         Type piglatin as the new project.  Select Choose Language and select Latin.   Change language name to be displayed to PigLatin. Then click OK.

4.         In the What would you like to call this project text box, enter PigLatin.  Click OK.

5.         Click Tasks. Select which tasks to enable. Select Dictionary Browse & Edit, SIL-CAWL  Word List, History and Gather Words by Semantic Domain and History.  In the Gather Words by Semantic Domain task, check Allow a short definition to be collected along with each word.

Note:  By default, if you do not select any items in this area, the program will automatically give you the Dictionary Browse & Edit and Gather Words by Semantic Domain buttons when you open WeSay.  The items you check will depend on your function in the new project.  As Administrator, the ones mentioned in #5 are a good start, but you will probably want more than that.  If you are the Administrator, you can then set WeSay up on other computers for the Vernacular Language Experts (VLEs) you will be working with.  To begin it would be best to limit what the VLE can choose from.  The Gather Words by Semantic Domain would be best to start and then at a later time you can add other areas as you feel comfortable with.

6.         Click Input Systems. Explain.

7.         Click Fields.  Select Word, Citation Form, Definition, Gloss, PartOfSpeech, SILCAWL, Semantic Domain and Note.  Explain Setup tab.

8.         Click Actions.  For Export to SFM, select Make Visible. For Make OpenOffice Document, select Make Visible. For Export to XHTML, select Make Visible.  For Send/Receive, select Make Visible.

9.         Click Interface Language. Explain

10.       Click Backup.

11.       Click Option Lists.

12.       To run WeSay for the current project, click Open in WeSay.

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