Video lessons

We put the lesson one videos on Youtube and on Vimeo. We think Vimeo works better, especially now that the page has been tweaked so you can select Full screen right on the page. Someone has reported they prefer Youtube in poor bandwidth locations, so we have created a new page for the lesson one videos on Youtube. If there is interest in seeing them all on Youtube, we can upload them there as well. Lesson one on Youtube

You can watch the videos in full screen  by clicking on the four way arrow at lower left. If you want to download the videos, click on "Vimeo" at lower left to go to the Vimeo site, then look for the download button below the video. 


1: Arranging your workspace

2: Consultant notes                   

3: Dictionaries and search 

4: Send and receive

5: Translation checking notes 

6: Biblical Terms Renderings 

7: Biblical Terms Tool 

8: Project history 

9: Interlinearization 

10: Spell check 

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