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Spell Checking


This lesson explains how to use Paratext to correct spelling in the vernacular text.

Where are we?

You want to be sure that the translation teams are able to be consistent in their spelling of words in the translation. But you are told it isn't possible because of the complicated morphology. If they turn on the spell checker without proper configuration, it is quite discouraging to see all of the words underlined in red.

Why is this skill important?

You want the team to know how to correct spelling mistakes so that the text will communicate clearly.

What are we going to do ?

We are going to learn how to configure the spell checking so that it will be pretty good at indicating spelling mistakes by underlining them in red, as well as proposing corrections.


Configure the Wordlist
Before you can check spelling, it is important to have a number of words that are marked as correctly spelled. There are three steps to follow:

  • Approve the spelling of common words.
  • Check words that Paratext guesses to be incorrect.
  • Set up and run a check for common spelling mistakes that users are likely to make.

Wordlist, Approve spelling of common words, Spellcheck

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Spellcheck in the text window

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