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Lesson 8: See the project history and compare versions




Where are we?

Paratext allows us to be in permanent contact with the team and to follow their progress from a distance. By comparing stages of their project, we are able to see right away the work that the team has done on a text. 

Why is this important?

Understanding how progress history works is important for two reasons: First, it permits the team to restore previous versions in case of error. I witnessed a team that wrote introductions for many books, and, strangely enough, certain ones had “disappeared”. It isn't a problem if you understand “view project history”. In several minutes, the team was able to restore the version that had the introductions and the problem was resolved. The second reason is because this function allows you to see whether the team has effectively entered the corrections that you proposed. 

What are we going to do?

In this lesson we will learn how to see the project history and compare different versions or stages of the project. Review: Mark a new point in the project history for PLKJV, say: End of the verification of Matthew:

  • Activate the PLKJV project
  • Click on Project, then Mark Point in Project History


Exercise 1 : See the project history

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Exercise 2: More on compare texts

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Supplemental Exercise: Revert a book

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