Dictionary Data Conversion

Dictionary Data Conversion


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I am importing a dictionary into FLEx that has variants. However, the variants are not cross-referenced correctly. Does anyone have a Toolbox sfm file that has implemented variants correctly, that I could look at to help me understand how it's supposed to be done?


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Here's a file that should import 6 entries: aa1, aa2, ab, ac, ad, ae

\lx aa
\hm 1
\ps v
\ge aa1 gloss

\lx aa
\hm 2
\va ab
\va ac
\ps v
\ge aa2 v gloss
\ps n

\ge aa2 n gloss
\va ad
\se ae

\lx ac
\mn aa2
\ps v
\ge ac gloss

\lx ad
\mn aa2 2
\ps n
\ge ad gloss

\lx ae
\mn aa2
\ps n
\ge ae gloss 

Unfortunately when I tried this to prove it works, I proved it no longer works. We get homographs for the last 3 entries instead of merging them. This started in FW8.0.3 as a result of fixing LT-10733 L.
I’ve entered this as JIRA LT-15205. So until this is fixed, you'd have to use FW8.0.2 to get it to work.



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