Creating Pages

Creating pages is very easy in this wiki.  Every registered user has access to the Create Page button at the top of every page. The important thing is to know how those pages are placed when they are created.

Creating a page will either make a sister page (that appears on the same level in the hierarchy) or a child page (that appears below it in the hierarchy).  The user controls which type of page is made by ticking the child select box or not.

You can see exactly where you are in the structure, beginning with Navmenu, which is the root. Navigate the the page or section you want and then create a child as per the instructions in this screenshot:

Fixing the structure

As an admin, just click on the shortcut "Edit Site Structure" in the righthand sidebar.  You can see the complete hierarchy here and can drag and drop pages to where they need to go.  Don't forget to click the Save button on the top after each change that you make.

When you get so frustrated trying to move things around in the above scenario, we do have another way:

  1. Go to Structures, click on the wrench next to the structure and select Dump Tree.
  2. Copy the contents of the window and paste in a text editor, removing the top explanation lines.
  3. Edit the structure by moving rows around.  DO NOT RENAME any page titles because these refer to the actual pages you are ordering.  If you do, they will be missing from the resulting structure.
  4. Give the old structure a temporary new alias (Home -> OldHome)
  5. Create a new structure, and paste in the edited tree 
  6. Give it the original alias "Home" (the actual name won't be visible.)
  7. Be aware that the menu "Training Plans" and others won't function while you have two active structures with the same content.  You can test the new structure by clicking on one of the pages in that structure.
  8. Delete the old structure after you have confirmed the new one is working (step 7)

Inserting Images

You can add images in your tutorial by clicking on the "Choose or upload images" button.


Layer 1


You will first need to select and upload the image from your hard drive, then doubleclick the uploaded image to insert into the text. You will probably want to create a directory on the server to contain the images for your tutorial and you can upload them all at once by selecting multiple images.


This graphic was inserted from a gallery found under the "choose or upload images" icon in the edit toolbar.

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