Phonology Assistant Exercises

Below are some exercises to do.

  1. Find all voiced consonants in any environment.
  2. Find all word-initial bilabials or labiodentals consonants.
  3. Find phone m in any environment.
  4. Find all occurrences of the phone a surrounded by consonants.
  5. Find all word-initial consonants that are alveolar and plosive.
  6. Find all nasalized vowels in any environment.
  7. Find all words ending with a consonant.
  8. Find all double vowels (e.g. ai, ia, ua, etc.) in any environment.
  9. Find all triple consonants (e.g. nkp, mpw, str, etc.) in any environment.
  10. Find all words containing high, back and rounded vowels.
  11. Create a context occurrence chart of velar consonants in word-initial, word-medial and word final position (hint: use XY chart).
  12. Create a co-occurrence chart of bilabials consonants followed by vowels (hint: use XY chart).

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