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Translator's Workplace Logos is a collection of Biblical resources chosen specially for Bible Translators by SIL, and offered through partnership as a library in Logos Bible Software. Those who qualify for a license can purchase it at SIL's website here: TW Logos Download

These pages are for training specific to Bible translators in Translator's Workplace Logos Edition. They are meant to be a supplement, not to replace, the training, videos, and information available at https://www.logos.com/support and http://wiki.logos.com/ .

This resource is envisioned as a self-help tutorial, and may one day be included within Logos itself. If anyone wants pick and choose modules and turn this into a course, they are welcome do do so in the Training Plans section of this site.

Feel free to add your advanced tips and tricks on these pages if they are not covered here, but my (Matthew_Lee) request is that we try to keep the Getting Started page relatively basic.

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