Using the Bible Word Study Guide

The Bible Word Study Guide is a resource for finding lots of information about a specific word. You can even look for information on Greek and Hebrew words.

To open the Bible Word Study Guide, click on the menu, “Guides”, at the top of the Logos Bible Software application. Then select “Bible Word Study”.

As an example, assume that you want to information about the word “faith”. Enter the word “faith” (without the quotes) in the box. Then you can either hit the enter key on your keyboard, or click the search arrow, BasicSearch RightArrow  , to do the search. Here is an example of what you may see:

UsingBibleWordStudy Faith

The Bible Word Study Guide includes the following default sections for the given word.


This lets you provide a title and description for your word study.


The following image shows options that help you find information on the word “faith”:

UsingBibleWordStudy FaithDefinition

To get the definition of “faith”, there is a link to a dictionary in your library, for example, “The New Bible Dictionary.”

Use the Topic Guide to collect information on the word. For example, you can find information like related verses that use the word, and illustrations for the word. You can also find information on biblical people, places, things, and events if they are available for the word. Finally, there are links to the web sites LightStock.com and Topics.Logos.com.

If you need help in writing a sermon on the word “faith”, use the Sermon Starter Guide. This lists bible passages for the word, preaching resources (if it is available), thematic outlines, and collections for the word.

Hebrew Words

This link generates a graph of Hebrew words that are translated into the English word being studied, which in this case is the word “faith”. Click on one of the root words or ring slices to generate a concordance of all the occurrences of that word.

Greek Words

This link generates a graph of Greek words related to the English word “faith”. It does this by using the following picture, where each Greek word is a link to bible passages that use the given Greek word:

UsingBibleWordStudy FaithGreekWordsWheel

Click on one of the root words or ring slices to generate a concordance of all the occurrences of that word.


This link lists any phrases containing the word that the Bible Word Study was run on. For the word “faith”, this leads you to the phases “fight of faith” and “measure of faith”, as shown here:

UsingBibleWordStudy FaithPhrases

Textual Searches

Finally, the Bible Word Study Guide collects phrases that use the word “faith” for bibles that are contained in your Logos library. Here is an example:

UsingBibleWordStudy FaithTextualSearches

When you click on the title of a bible, a list is generated that contains the bible verses that use, in this example, the word “faith”.

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